The following is a story written by Miracle League of Michigan player, Christian Dean about our mascot Homer.  It was Christian’s dream to have a mascot for our league and thanks to a generous donation by Mark Waad, this dream has come true.

Homer’s Story – By Christian Dean

HomerSmlHomer lived in a land far away from here where everyone had a passion for sports. Everyone played baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and many more interesting sports. But one day, he saw many kids at the hospital or at their own homes and they couldn’t play because they had disabilities.  So, he tried to help these kids by going on a quest to find a place where these kids could play. He went across many oceans, deserts, and mountains, until he found himself in Southeast Michigan where he met Mr. Steve Peck.

Homer was encouraged by Mr. Steve.  Mr. Steve shared his story about the creation of The Miracle League of Michigan.  After listening to the story, Homer knew he had to be part of the league, and help Mr. Steve bring the enjoyment of sports-especially baseball and bowling to all kids.  Homer was happy to see kids in wheelchairs, walkers, kids with Down syndrome, Autism and many more with disabilities be able to play and have fun and celebrate the joy of sports. Homer is not only the mascot of our league, but another reason to call the Miracle League a safe and warm organization.

Here are some things Homer likes:Home Ironside

Favorite Colors: Blue and Yellow

Favorite Food: A hot dog with extra mustard from the Snack Shack

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Movie: Air Bud

Favorite Song: “Centerfield” by John Fogerty

Best Friends: Paws from the Detroit Tigers and kids of all ages