2018 Miracle League All-Star Game

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The first ever Miracle League All-Star game will be held September 14-16, 2018, in Findlay, Ohio, at the Blanchard Valley Health System Miracle Park. Each Miracle League organization has the opportunity to select one player to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity. Local Miracle League organizations are responsible for registration fees and transportation to Findlay, with all other expenses covered through sponsorships and donations.


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Working ‘miracles’ with baseball

An Article found at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo volunteer George Baskerville devotes hundreds of hours every year to bring baseball to kids with disabilities.

When George Baskerville, a project manager for Wells Fargo Advisors, saw an article about the construction of a baseball diamond adapted especially for players with disabilities, he was intrigued — but he had no idea it would lead to the start of a decade-long passion. Out of curiosity, he took his then 9-year-old son to the ribbon-cutting. Since that day, he has spent hundreds of Saturday mornings at that same site, doing everything from setting up equipment to running wheelchair-bound players around the bases.

“I wouldn’t trade this for anything,” said Baskerville of his work with The Miracle® League of Richmond, which has grown from about 40 participants in its first year to more than 110 today.  Players range in age from 5-25 years old, and disabilities run the gamut. During games, everyone plays, there are no outs or scores, and everyone is a winner.“It’s that opportunity for players to be in the moment, and to drive toward success on their terms,” said Baskerville. “And I think that plays a big part in how they see themselves as being greater than the rest of the world might see them.”

For the love of a son

Baskerville’s son, Geoffrey, was the catalyst for his involvement. As a 9-year-old just starting with the Miracle League, he didn’t speak much and had limited experience with sports. 

“I’ve gotten to see him go from a 9-year-old that was only partially verbal to a young man who’s now 19 years old and able to go out on his own and do things for himself that he couldn’t do when he first started.”

Baskerville attributes much of the progress Geoffrey has made to the ‘yes I can’ spirit of The Miracle League.

“It provides them with a sense of awareness that they can be anything that they want to be,” he said. “They can achieve anything that they want to achieve.”

Supporting volunteer passion

Baskerville’s passion for The Miracle League — no secret around his office —  has inspired others to get involved. At nearly every game, Wells Fargo team member volunteers serve as “buddies,” assisting and encouraging the players and keeping them safe on the field.

“To have the people I work with come out and do this with me is everything,” said Baskerville. “It shows the commitment we have for one another and our desire to do bigger and better things for the community.”

Helping communities thrive

In 2016, Wells Fargo recognized Baskerville’s dedication with a Volunteer Service Awardand a $10,000 grant to The Miracle League of Richmond. The funds helped pay for adaptive restroom facilities adjacent to the field.

“In the special needs world, cost is an obstacle, and it takes a small army to support the kids,” Baskerville said. “Wells Fargo plays an important part in this to me. It’s not about money or banking — it’s about being part of the community and helping it grow.”

Baskerville has logged more than 1,000 volunteer hours with the league since he began volunteering a decade ago. And he hopes his efforts to help players thrive through the art of the game last even after they age out of The Miracle League. “We want them to go into their next experience, whether that’s with Special Olympics or another organization, so they can continue growing their love of the sport.”

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PBATS Raises $37,000 for The Miracle League

PBATS One-Day Charity Fundraiser Raised over $37,000 to Benefit The Miracle League.

Diane and Stephanie sized articleThe PBATS One-Day Charity is an annual fundraiser, coordinated and executed by the Minor League Medical Coordinators.

Each winter, the medical coordinators vote on a charitable organization that they feel would be beneficial and meaningful to fundraise for. Then, all Minor League Athletic Trainers contribute the equivalent of one day’s meal money during Spring Training to help support the elected charitable organization.

“As the committee chair of the PBATS One-Day Charity, I want to say thank you to each and every person that took the time to participate this year.  In essence, I feel that we’re all paying it forward as one day any of us could potentially need a helping hand,” said Committee Chair Jeff Collins.

Collins added, “The success of the PBATS One-Day Charity is a direct reflection upon our commitment and hard work and everyone who participated should all feel a deep sense of pride knowing that they were part of something this special.

The PBATS One-Day Charity, although initially started as a way for Minor League Coordinators to fundraise for organizations in need, is not limited to Minor League Athletic Trainers. Instead, PBATS hopes that contributions will continue to come from all those interested in raising money for organizations in need, potentially including front office personnel, clubhouse staff members, coaches and players as well.

For more information, please visit www.pbats.com.

Sean Casey – “The Mayor”

Sean Casey nicknamed “The Mayor,” is a former Major League Baseball first baseman for the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, and Boston Red Sox. Casey was selected to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game three times during his career. He is currently a broadcaster and commentator for the MLB Network.  Watch this video and hear Sean speak about The Miracle League.

The Making of Homer

Homer joined The Miracle League as the official Mascot.  Homer lived in a land far away from here where everyone had a passion for sports. Everyone played baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and many more interesting sports. But one day, he saw many kids at the hospital or at their own homes and they couldn’t play because they had unique challenges.  So, he tried to help these kids by going on a quest to find a place where these kids could play… Homer found The Miracle League and it was an instant match. Click to see the video, The Making of Homer

An Evening with George W. Bush

President Bush and LaurenThe Miracle League proudly hosted 43rd President, George W. Bush for an evening on November 11th at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in downtown Atlanta. In very intimate setting, a few hundred enjoyed a great dinner and discussion with the President.

Former President George W. Bush came to Atlanta on Tuesday night to address a dinner at Atlanta’s Georgia Tech Conference Center benefitting The Miracle League, which provides an opportunity for challenged children to play baseball.

The format was an interview of the 43rd president by Lauren Gunder, the official Miracle League spokesperson. This amazing girl was diagnosed at five months old with Malignant Infantile Osteopetrosis and given zero chance of surviving past age two. She is now 24 years old. The legally blind Lauren fought her disease and is currently a paraprofessional teaching at Parkview High School— and she asked amazingly penetrating questions on everything ranging from Bush’s passions to his presidency.

He also discussed his just-released book about his father (and former president) George H.W. Bush and his new love for painting.  Attendees, included Gov. Nathan Deal and possible presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, received copies of “41: A Portrait of My Father.”

Featured Partner – LSI

Landscape Structures is proud to be the official playground partner of The Miracle League. With more than 270 organizations across the U.S. Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Australia, The Miracle League gives more than 200,000 children and young adults with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy America’s favorite pastime.
“It is truly an honor to be a Miracle League partner. We have witnessed firsthand how our partnership has transformed communities and the positive impact it has made on so many families. These experiences help inform us and our efforts to bring new and exciting inclusive product and playground designs to children of all abilities.”

Jane Jenewein  – Strategic Alliance Manager

To learn more about the LSI/Miracle League partnership click here.

The Story of Homer

The following is a story written by Miracle League of Michigan player, Christian Dean about our mascot Homer.  It was Christian’s dream to have a mascot for our league and thanks to a generous donation by Mark Waad, this dream has come true.

Homer’s Story – By Christian Dean

HomerSmlHomer lived in a land far away from here where everyone had a passion for sports. Everyone played baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and many more interesting sports. But one day, he saw many kids at the hospital or at their own homes and they couldn’t play because they had disabilities.  So, he tried to help these kids by going on a quest to find a place where these kids could play. He went across many oceans, deserts, and mountains, until he found himself in Southeast Michigan where he met Mr. Steve Peck.

Homer was encouraged by Mr. Steve.  Mr. Steve shared his story about the creation of The Miracle League of Michigan.  After listening to the story, Homer knew he had to be part of the league, and help Mr. Steve bring the enjoyment of sports-especially baseball and bowling to all kids.  Homer was happy to see kids in wheelchairs, walkers, kids with Down syndrome, Autism and many more with disabilities be able to play and have fun and celebrate the joy of sports. Homer is not only the mascot of our league, but another reason to call the Miracle League a safe and warm organization.

Here are some things Homer likes:Home Ironside

Favorite Colors: Blue and Yellow

Favorite Food: A hot dog with extra mustard from the Snack Shack

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Movie: Air Bud

Favorite Song: “Centerfield” by John Fogerty

Best Friends: Paws from the Detroit Tigers and kids of all ages