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Stephanie Davis
Program Director
Stephanie joined The Miracle League team in 2001 when she was involved in building the 2nd Miracle League Field and Program in Myrtle Beach, SC. She grew up with a love and strong passion for sports and individuals with special needs. After building and running the local program in Myrtle Beach for 5 years she joined Diane in the Corporate office to help other communities duplicate the project for their city. She strives to bring awareness and assistance so that all children have the opportunity to play ball!
Diane Alford
Executive Director
The Alford’s are the founding family of The Miracle League! Diane has served as the Executive Director since the first field was built in Conyers, GA 2000. Her tireless efforts, commitment, and love for children with special needs has been the driving force behind the success and growth of the Miracle League. Her passion and inspiration has ignited hundreds of communities across the USA and Internationally to establish a Miracle League in their town.
Abi Gibbs
Abi brings many years of expertise to The Miracle League! Abi joined the Corporate office as an Administrator and has been helping communities and The Miracle League over the past 8 years. Abi has been involved in several of The Miracle Leagues projects. Abi is devoted to bringing the game of baseball to children of all abilities around the world.
Chief Inspiration Officer
Homer joined The Miracle League as the official Mascot. Homer lived in a land far away from here where everyone had a passion for sports. Everyone played baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and many more interesting sports. But one day, he saw many kids at the hospital or at their own homes and they couldn’t play because they had unique challenges. So, he tried to help these kids by going on a quest to find a place where these kids could play... Homer found The Miracle League and it was an instant match.



  • “It’s been transformational and not just for the kids involved. We’re changing the fabric of the community. People are learning to see these players as kids with different abilities, not disabilities. It’s been an education for the entire community and then a lot of fun for the kids.” “There’s a lot of education in empathy from the baseball diamond.” Ms. Rodgers.

  • In an interview with HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, the young Gunder explained how she’s always loved baseball, but it seemed too dangerous. “I am grateful for The Miracle League. It gave me and other children like me the chance to do something nobody thought we could ever do.”

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